Paula Pettit Skender


As a writer, I’m beginning again. We are all starters as we redirect our goals. I’m a writer. You couldn’t tell by the way I write. But it’s a mission. There are lots of us writers. This year I have entered a writers’ contest. I’ve entered two others which were local contests. I did achieve first place.

The contest I recently entered was broader and, of course, there’s much more competition. I believe I will continue entering this contest and possibly many others in the coming year – 2022. I am in a new course by an award-winning author with over a hundred books written. I hope I can glean some of his discipline. It is not easy to write. He stayed with it. I will also. But of course, this is not my first career — a janitor, a waitress, a cook, an army private to a captain, a public school teacher (along with a mother of five), and now my ongoing mission to write. 

I’m also instructing others in writing their memoirs- but that’s another story. 

Tomorrow, I have another writers’ meeting. Then I have Bible study at my daughter’s near Atoka. Then Friday I have another class instructing ladies in how to upload photos to the word documents for future publications at Amazon or some other publishing agency of their choice. 

My schedule for writing needs to start at 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. I think it should be approximately five to seven days a week. And that will be on the lessons I need prior to the writing. Time will tell if this improves my plotting, my writing, my overall skill. So, here’s to a good year. 

A good year whatever the Lord grants me. There will always be good. Always good. For He is a good God.

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