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James Wilson – on the Castle Doctrine.
Memorial to James Wilson

The Castle Doctrine ~ Every Man’s Home is His Castle ~ 2nd Amendment Defense from a Founding Father. My Daddy always kept a loaded gun mounted at the front door.

March 13, 2021by PJ

“The great natural law of self-preservation cannot be repealed or superseded or suspended by any human institution. The right of the citizens to bear arms in the defense of themselves shall not be questioned. Every man’s house is deemed by the law to be his castle; and the law while it invests him with the power enjoined on him the duty of the commanding officer. Every man’s house is his castle and he ought to keep and to defend it at his peril. If any one be robbed in it, it shall be esteemed his own default and negligence.” 

Words from James Wilson, an original Supreme Court member, appointed by George Washington to serve on the Supreme Court. Before his appointment, he framed and signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Only five other founding fathers did the same.  


The Census Track . . .

September 19, 2020by PJ

Has anyone out there in air space been found by the Census taker?

I speak of the U.S. Census government-citizen who tracks one to their lair (home) and asks all sorts of questions that the “statistic taker” people who belong to the powers that be (U.S. government drones) want.

I have been tracked twice by the U.S. Census Controllers. Once in 2010 because I didn’t turn a census in for me and my five kids. And once in 2020 because I turned my census in online and maybe it was overlooked? I don’t know. But the census taker came anyway — to my house.

Is the government duplicating populations these days?

Who supervises the powers that be, anyway? Today, I am really leery. Why? I get a text on my iPhone (yes, the powers of the air-space must have connected my phone to my name and address.) and the message says the U.S. Census needs me to complete another survey. It is about COVID-19.

Oh, dear . . . do I dare? I mean, I might be in the age group that dies of it, but I’ve never had it. Unless, of course, perhaps, one counts the time before the powers knew what COVID-19 even existed. I have my suspicions on that. You see, that was when I visited Veterans Hospital (November 2019) for a routine annual. And afterward I couldn’t breathe and was sicker than I’ve ever been in my life. AND SINCE I DO NOT GO TO DOCTORS EXCEPT FOR ANNUALS, I DID NOT CALL A DOCTOR ON THIS ONE. I forced the air in and out of my lungs for several days. It worked, finally.

My severe breathing reaction happened right after China came over to the United Nations in New York, New York — October 2019.  The UN held a meeting at that time, and the buzz of the nations in attendance was— what? 

“How would the world react if a pandemic was released upon it?”  

Hmm.  Does this sound a little suspicious to the average American? The average American taxpayer is too busy working to pay the wages of the powers that be to think someone might intentionally attempt to control the world through a pandemic.


If COVID-19 was a Trial Run of those who are thinking about mass control – I think we know now how the world might react under the threat of a pandemic? Don’t we? Or do we?

I tutor five of my eleven grandkids because of COVID-19. Mighty blessing from the Lord if you ask me. But you didn’t.

The curse of COVID-19 is the mask and the gawd-awful immunization if it becomes mandatory. The mask removes our ability to breathe, talk, smile freely — in general – communicate. The immunization will probably eliminate our ability to purchase or travel if we do not get one. Sounds too close to Revelations to me . . . 

Allow those who threaten our freedom — the world’s freedom that God alone has given us — to fall into the pit they prepared for us. But allow us to walk away with not one hair on our head harmed.

Now, U.S. Census 2020, I will answer your survey on my iPhone about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Election Day Tomorrow

November 5, 2018by PJ

Fast and pray . . .  Not just today but every day. Our nation is counting on it.

New Projects

Yes, I’m writing my second romance.


Sunday at Church – 11 March 2018

March 12, 2018by PJ

Lesson for today – Money isn’t everything. It can’t buy health, or forgiveness, or time, or peace, or love. It can buy food, clothing, and shelter. Money is not everything and cannot bring happiness. . .


House Cleaning

March 8, 2018 by PJ

It’s come to this. I have to set a schedule to do house cleaning. As one of my friends says, she considers her furniture has a lovely patina of dust to give her furniture that extra character.

But, what of the routine folding of clean clothes? clean dishes? floors? windows? closets? bedding?

There’s truly is no end of the schedule. But the schedule sets a relief from a house fully in chaos.

There is a time to clean house. Some women love that time. And their homes do show it. I am thinking that their whole time is spent on the house in a spin – however the home is a lovely, clean, orderly home, a blessing. But house cleaning and having a lovely home is hard work. I consider that even when one enjoys it, it is hard work.

To alleviate the drudgery, I added pinned down a two-hour a day, five days a week house cleaning schedule. Even though it is only two hours, (I have help during that two hours from my live-in grandson who is almost sixteen) the set-up adds a lot of order, cleanliness, and loveliness to the home. So, I’ll keep on keeping on. It’s called perseverance. I am asking the Lord that I might enjoy my house work better.

“There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labor. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God” Ecclesiastes 2:24

The same goes for a woman.

Trips to Canada

February 27, 2018 by PJ


Every summer come July until I was in the seventh grade, Dad and Mom planned a long thirty day vacation from our rural family home to Moose Horn Lodge at the Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada. Do I have any pictures? Not one. All the photos and videos were lost in the 1982 fire that took the home that I grew up in. But that was many years later after the trips to Canada. And the pictures would only fade. But not my memories.


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